Email: Tzantali
Subject: Introduction
Date: 31 March 2004 I've been slowly trudging through Kant and the accompanying Gardner book [really quite helpful so far] and most of what I'll talk about here is from Gardner. Mostly I'll just make points with not much discussion...but hopefully they'll serve as an outline for things we can talk about as well as helpful points as you read.

  • The CRITIQUE of pure reason that Kant undertakes isn't meant to be taken as derogatory so much as seen as a critical enquiry.
  • According to Gardner, metaphysics is a completely isolated speculative science of reason in which reason is indeed meant to be its own pupil.
  • Morality necessarily presupposes freedom as a property of our will.
  • Kant's work seeks to overcome the opposition of rationalism and empiricism as a response to the deeply embedded problems of the Enlightenment [aka The Age of Reason].
  • Hume's skeptical empiricism disunited reason and nature
  • Conflicts:
    • Newtonian science v. Leibnizian metaphysics [<--I don't know a whole lot about either at this juncture]
    • Rationalist dogmatism v Skeptical empiricism
    • Scientific world view v morality and religion
  • Gardner claims that if Kant is correct that the moral welfare of humanity is at stake in metaphysics, then we are not *allowed* to repudiate metaphysics--the problem must be solved other than by its rejection.




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