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ENC 1102 spring 2006 @ USF

ENC 1102 spring 2006 @ HCC

ENC 1101 spring 2006 @ HCC

AML 2070 spring 2005 @ UF

ENC 1102 fall 2004

ENC 1145 spring 2003

ENC 2210 fall 2003


WTF (seriously)

I'm interested in social and political aspects of virtual communities. Some might argue that they are one and the same, and at times, I am likely to agree. It might be a bit cynical for me to agree that everything social is political, but that could also just be a sense of willed naivete required to maintain any semblance of virtual optimism. As my intolerance for virtual bullshit increases, my interests may vary a bit more. Odder things have happened.

General Bullshit

Over time, you'll find a growing list of shit i'm working on.--virtual or not.

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Story Title

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