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Some may better understand what academics strive
to do not by thinking of classes and books but of
"intellectual capital." Like monetary capital,
intellectual capital is the cumulative product of
both individual effort and supportive
communities. Intellectual capital is the dividend
of years of hard work and practical experience
that bears fruit by transforming lives and
benefiting society. The best academics are, in
the words of Cherwitz, "intellectual
entrepreneurs--scholars who take risks and seize
opportunities, discover and create knowledge,
innovate, collaborate, and solve problems in any
number of social realms" (Cherwitz 2002). Echoing
Cherwitz's view, University of Rochester
President Thomas Jackson (Jackson 2005) recently
declared, "The best teachers and researchers are
all 'intellectual entrepreneurs.' They're in the
business of creating new information, new ways of
thinking, new ways of seeing their particular
discipline. A biomedical researcher working on
the latest vaccine, a political scientist
establishing a new way of looking at studying
political processes, and a young musician
figuring out how to create his or her path
through the art world are every bit as
entrepreneurial as someone establishing a new

David L. Hildebrand






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