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ENC 1102 Paper Guidelines


  1. All papers are typed, double-spaced, and use a standard 12-point font.
  2. All papers are stapled. Looses papers will not be accepted.
  3. All papers have 1 margins on all sides (like this document).
  4. Page length requirements assume a minimum of 250 words per page.
  5. Headers are single-spaced [i.e., name and date in top right corner.
  6. All papers are titled. Titles are not underlined or italicized.
  7. Papers are edited for spelling.
  8. Student ' s last name and page number appear on bottom right corner of each page.
  9. If applicable, thesis is underlined .
  10. Extra lines are not skipped between paragraphs.
  11. NO cover page is included.
  12. Failure to follow above paper guidelines will result in an automatic 5 point deduction on papers.






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