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ENC 1102

ENC 1102 Composition II

LS Blätter

Spring 2006

TR 12.30-1.45 CPR 124

Ref 12193 Section 096

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Course Description

Per USF: This course emphasizes argument, research, and style. Through its emphasis on thinking rhetorically, providing evidence for assertions, creative thinking, and writing as a process, this course will prepare you for argument and research-based writing in academic settings. Students will compose multiple drafts, respond to peers' drafts, sharpen their   research skills, and improve their   revising and editing skills. Students will complete numerous style exercises to sharpen their editorial skills and offer oral presentations on stylistic issues.   In terms of thematic issues, this course engages students in writing as social action then invites students to think rhetorically about some of the "perspectives" of USF's General Education Plan .   Note: This is a Gordon Rule course, so all students must write at least 6000 words over the course of the semester.


Required Texts/Tools/Supplies  

  • Writing Arguments: A Rhetoric with Readings , 6th edition by John D. Ramage, John C. Bean, and June Johnson.
  • Style: Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace , 7th edition by Joseph M. Williams.
  • Lester Faigley's The Penguin Handbook   ISBN:   0-321-27375-3  
  • Blog/journal
  • Blackboard
  • A small stapler brimming with staples
  • Pencil
  • Blue or Black ink pen
  • Green or purple ink pen
  • Large manila envelope to store papers
  • Any type of notebook for notes [example: a 70 page spiral]






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