Bureaucratic Stuff

Course Objectives

This course will build upon HCC's English cluster of course outcomes such that students will be able to demonstrate the ability to:

As such, students will write a critical analysis demonstrating their ability to:

Students will write a research paper that demonstrates their ability to:

Students will write at least one impromptu essay.

Students will give one 3-5 minute presentation asking a minimum of two relevant questions for the class to address while avoiding summarizing the text.

Modes of Instruction

This course will rely heavily upon class discussion and lecture. Consequently, your attendance and participation are critical to your overall success in this course. Students will receive instruction on grammar and mechanics in the form of class lectures and exercises. Additional instruction will focus on research and documentation, argumentation, and editing/revision.

Course Policies

Attendance & Participation

As this is a lecture- and discussion-based course, its success—and yours as well—will come from your participation in the conversations of the course. As such, your attendance is crucial. You will be allowed 3 absences—these are intended to provide you with the flexibility to cover emergencies. If you squander your absences and then have an emergency, you will have to suffer the consequences: 5 points off your final grade total per absence over the three “freebies.”

Paper Format

All work must be typed and double-spaced using a standard 12-point font unless otherwise specified. Please do not include a cover page. All papers should be titled and have your last name, page number and date in the lower right hand margin. Margins should be 1” on all sides. All papers must be stapled. I will not accept unstapled papers.

Academic Honesty

Unless it is specifically connected to assigned collaborative work, all work should be individual. Evidence of collusion (working with someone not connected to the class or assignment), plagiarism (use of someone else's published or unpublished words or design without acknowledgement) or multiple submissions (submitting the same paper in different courses) will lead to immediate failure of this course. There should be no outside research for papers and projects in this course except for the research paper, and for that we will visit the library and have some research time. Any incidence of plagiarism will result in automatic Failure for the course. There are no second chances. All students are expected to honor their commitment to the college's Honor Code.


Every student in this class is expected to participate in a responsible and mature manner that enhances education. Any conduct that disrupts the learning process may lead to disciplinary action or permanent removal from this course.

Grade Complaints

A low grade on a single assignment will not prohibit a good course grade if your work improves. A poor grade on an assignment is not an indication of your worth as a student or any sort of value reflection regarding your character; it is, however, an indication that one or more areas of your scholarship require improvement. If you have a complaint, you should first discuss it with me . After doing this, if you still have grade complaints about multiple assignments and have received a final course grade that is lower than you expected, contact the Dean to contest the final course grade. You will need to provide a copy of every assignment.


I encourage you to see me during my office hours, especially when you have questions about an assignment, need help with a particular writing problem, want extra feedback on a section of a draft, or have questions about my comments on your work. Of course, we can also correspond via e-mail ( lsb@tzantali.com ) or msn (Tzantali@comcast.net).

Special Accommodations

If, to participate in this course, you require an accommodation due to a physical or learning impairment, you must contact the Office of Services to Students with Disabilities. The office is located in the Student Services Building , Room 208. You may also reach the office by phone: [813] 253.7031, TTD [813] 253.7035, or [813] 253.7336.