ENC 1101: Paper Guidlines
spring 2006 · MW 12.30-1.45 pm · section 45643 · HUM xxx

Paper Format

All work must be typed and double-spaced using a standard 12-point font unless otherwise specified. Please do not include a cover page. All papers should have a unique title with your last name, page number and date in the lower right hand margin. Margins should be 1” on all sides. All papers must be stapled. Unstapled papers will NOT be accepted.

Grammar / Usage / Mechanics general checklist

  • Paper formatting: omit extra lines between paragraphs and after title
  • Commas and periods always inside quotation marks “.” And “,”
  • There / their / they're
  • To / too / two
  • Then / than
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Pronoun agreement
  • Paper must be titled (and not with name of assignment)
  • Parallelism
  • Possessive v. plural
  • Plural v. plural possessive
  • Introductions—how to and what for (and how to avoid the one sentence intro)
  • Conclusions—how to and what for
  • Dash v. hypen
  • Semicolons v. colons v. commas
  • Sentence structure variation
  • Supporting details (support the argument v. details AS the argument)
  • Don't quote yourself!
  • MLA citations
  • Evaluating sources
  • When referencing persons not personally known to you, use last name
  • When to use “you” and when to avoid it like the plague
  • Because clause (and why it thinks commas are unsavory)
  • Quotation integration


Take Note!

Any changes or announcements will be identified and posted here. It is your responsibility to check your email regularly and to note any changes made to the syllabus per this web. The web syllabus will always override the print copy.