ENC 1101: Assignments
spring 2006 · MW 12.30-1.45 pm · section 45643 · HUM xxx

Course Assignments

  • Personal Narrative 2 pages 100 points
  • Editorial 2 pages 100 points
  • Movie Analysis 2-3 pages 100 points
  • This I Believe 750 words 100 points
  • Rhetorical Analysis 3 pages 100 points
  • Position Paper 3 pages 100 points
  • Portfolio/Term analysis 1-2 pages 50 points
  • Workshops / Peer Reviews 100 points
  • In-class Assignments 50 points
  • Homework Assignments 100 points
  • Participation 100 points

In-class essays

At least once during the semester there will be an impromptu writing. This will be an exam type question addressing the issues of the course with the goal of helping you hone your argument and writing skills. The impromptu writing is designed to help you organize your thoughts and to quickly draw upon insights and connections between and among texts.

Tools & Supplies

  • Internet access
  • Hawknet email (check regularly)
  • Pocket stapler
  • Highlighter
  • Black pen, Blue pen
  • Pencil
  • Any notebook/spiral for note taking (yes, you should take notes in an English class!)
  • Large manila envelope to store papers and for final portfolio


As noted under the Course Policies section below, participation is crucial for your growth as a thinker as well as for the overall success of this course. As such, ten percent (100 points) of your grade is devoted to class participation—namely, how well you contribute your individual thoughts to the conversation of the course. Are your questions relevant and insightful? Are your comments such that we can make new connections between and among the texts? Are you respectful of your peers? These will all be considered for what is basically a letter grade equivalent for the course.


Take Note!

Any changes or announcements will be identified and posted here. It is your responsibility to check your email regularly and to note any changes made to the syllabus per this web. The web syllabus will always override the print copy.