ENC 1101: Freshman Composition I
spring 2006 MW 12.30-1.45 pm section 45643 HUM 213


Instructor: L.S. Blätter

Office Hours: 10.50-12.20 MW

Office: DSSC 245

Phone: 253.7362 (message center)

Email: lsb@tzantali.com

MSN: Tzantali@comcast.net ß Note: not a valid email address


Required Texts

Nadell, Judith, John Langan and Eliza A. Comodromos. The Longman Reader . 7 th Edition.

Hacker, Diana. The Bedford Handbook . 6 th Edition.

Any standard college level dictionary (even a pocket one will do).

Course Description

ENC 1101 offers instruction in the expository skills of English composition. The course will focus on prewriting, organization and style, as well as a review of grammar. Prerequisite: a satisfactory score on the placement test or completion of Prep Writing II with a grade of C or better.

Take Note!

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